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Yahweh Love
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"Yahweh Love" Lyrics
Artist - Petra
Album- Washes Whiter Than
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I hear music coming from heaven
Singing a new song in my direction
I hear the melody, heavenly symphony
Feelings coming over me
Sets me spirit free
I feel like I've been born all over again

Like a songbird in the canyon
It echoes in my mind
Taking me farther from the memories of things I left behind
And it's taken me so long to hear
The music playing softly
Softly in my ear

Yahweh love, Yahweh love, Yahweh love
Yahweh love Yahweh love, Yahweh
Yahweh love, Yahweh love, Yahweh love
Yahweh love Yahweh love, Yahweh

I see a sign on every corner leading me astray
I hear a thousand voices calling for me to walk away
When I listen closely I can hear
the music playing softly
Softly in my ear

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Yahweh Love
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