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Failure To Excomunicate
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"Failure To Excomunicate" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Relient K
Album- Employee of the Month EP

It's the principle
it's the issue that your principal would dismiss you.
Because you don't fit into that all-American Box.
That coffin created for creative thought.
It's disgusting his priorities
And how we're entrusting him with authority.
His gavel's gone down before he looked in your
heart. He finished this race(ism) before he reached the start.
Jesus loved the outcasts.
He loves the ones the world just loves to hate.
And as long as there's a heaven,
there'll be a failure to excommunicate.
The world just keeps you at an arm's length.
Every week you work up the strength to fight the flames that are hurled.
Let your faith shine right through.
You know it's the world
versus Jesus and you. It's disgusting, their priorities.
And how we're entrusting them with
Their gavel's gone down before they looked in your heart.
They finished this race(ism).

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