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"Babel Towers" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Sarah Brendel
Album- Under The Fire

I stood accused and guilty of many crimes I went and burned my offerings a thousand times I know the place the landscape been here before I will not walk the bad mile anymore Cause I have seen the sun that I shine Comes down like pouring waters And two wrongs will never make a right Many times what were believing Is bound to change just like the season Were blind eyed of short side Mistake the darkest night for the light of day So if tonight Im leaving and finally let go Maybe youll find a freedom youve never known Youre pushed into the twilight against your will And for a timeless second youre heart stands still But cutting through the veil of despair A gentle wind is blowing breathing life on weary bones in chains Many times what were believing Is bound to change just like the season Were blind eyed of short side We know not wrong from whats right And as we sink into the mystery of what we are And what we should be We let go of our shadows and in the end we know Our true face of pure grace a spirit fair and always We will dance, we will fly Everyone is so afraid to try What if we would finally let go Of all our babel towers Only to find were all we need to

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