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"Candice" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Sinai Beach
Album- When Breath Escapes

She grabs me, takes me to the bed once more.
I’m just a baby, but she’s done it all before.
Taken advantage of a two year old, raped his innocence.
And what for? Power?
Well I hope you got your score.
You ruined me; my physical communication to other beings,
my overall sense of feeling.
I wish I could cut your memories from my brain.
They haunt me, isolating me, infecting me with fear.
A fear of a touch, and fear of women.
Didn’t you think that you would turn me into a man that’s afraid of a touch?
It’s just skin against skin, but it freezes me from within.
This english-burdened tongue cannot express how plagued I feel.
The slightest touch brings me back to her lust, to her perverseness.
Dear God, take this away.

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