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"Quick Time" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Six Feet Deep
Album- The Road Less Travelled

sometimes I feel so alone, carrying only a few simple truths
and the weight a world bent to bury them
and I can feel myself getting tired.
the fire inside my heart now pales in comparison
to what I once felt, and I'm dying
eyes have bled so much they should have dried
my body should be decayed from all the filth I've put inside.
I push you away so you let me go
but it's too dark and cold for me to be alone.

most of my thoughts are shadowed by the treachery of life,
my convictions are torn and yellowed, and half aren't half as bright.
standing alone, I find myself so far away from you
looking back on where I left your path.
and here I am again, feeling slightly abandoned by you
when it was me that walked away, and I'm lost without you.

traditions, addictions, I bear this responsibility
my own twisted actions now take their toll on me.
infected, affected, let your light shine on my face.
fill this tattered shell once again in these dark days.

Lord save me not only from the enemy, but also from the frailty within
and the stubbornness of my humanity, show me where to begin.
superior, inferior, bring me life through rebirth
before I lose the life I have and dissolve into the earth.
interior, exterior, I used to know the difference.
a shred of hope, my eyes shut tight,
blind hands clench, I need you.
this hole I've dug is deep, my arms too short to reach.
I need you, lift me out, I need you.
your blood ran down upon me, yet still I feel that I'm guilty.
life is quick time, and I feel lost.

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