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"T.M.B.W.G.M.N.L." Lyrics
Artist - Slechtvalk
Album- Falconry
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The Messias has come upon our earth to bring us a world of peace
The Savior has won, from the Lord of demonic fallen angels
He gave us His life, so that we could live for eternity in Heaven
To become immortal you have to let Him live in your heart

[Chorus 1:]
Let us all gather in this holy place
To bring praise and worship to the mighty Lord
Open your heart and let Him enter
And feel His love as you will pray

The blood of the Martyr, who was slain on the cross
brought death to the wicked and life to the dead
The Sins of the world, He carried to his death
And Death He did beat in the pools of hell

[Chorus 2:]
Heaven awaits the reborn souls
And hell is for those, who let Him fall
The battle He has won, so we shouldn't fear
Death if we live in the Lord

You have come to earth to die
You gave your life for us to live [2x]

Darkness falls unto those
who have rejected Jesus' sacrifice [2x]

Your soul is not something you can throw away
And not feel the consequence of your acts
Jesus has given you a chance to live
In heaven for eternity at His side

[Chorus 3:]
For once be serious in your life
And accept the Lord as your only Lord
Do not sell your soul to the lord of the dead
'cause once you're dead, you are unsaved

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