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Caverns of Grief
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"Caverns of Grief" Lyrics
Artist - Sorrowstorm
Album- Caverns Of Grief
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The walls of dejection, of ancient affliction, do not have an end or escape
The darkness blinds my eyes with a sorrow. Crying blood for ages!
Crying blood for ages. Pain beyond my pain
Hope is a chasm for those who died today
Existence is black and plagued with fear, the waiting begins
Oh, these caverns!

How did I enter into the darkness
What possessed me to come this way.
Traveling through this cave of infinite grief
No-one is here for me except myself
Remember insignificant lies

Total annihilation of light for my eyes
Depression takes its toll
Crying blood for ages in this infinite cave
No consolation!

Immerse in them; they are the fallen one himself; test the spirits of doom

And now we're here, forsaken by our desires, in a world which can reject us,
can lure us, can destroy us. Take your sword, die with me.
I can't live beside me anymore. Changing within.
Salvation, I grasp you. I won't reject you anymore.

These walls of dejection, of ancient affliction do not have an end or escape
The darkness blinds my eyes with a sorrow. Crying blood for ages!

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