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Keep Me Up At Night
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"Keep Me Up At Night" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Squad Five-O
Album- Late News Breaking

All this talking has turned dangerous
Oh you speak so many languages
You could be spilling out your heart
And I wouldn't understand at all

You know you got me thinking I should be swallowing my pride
But is it pride or the choking that comes before the fall
You say I got you worried, 'cause I drink too many beers
And each bottle's adding up to the sum of all your fears
So I take the two drink maximum
With minimum regret on the rocks

Cuz I know that I don't have nothing, yeah
And I don't need nothing, yeah
Cuz it don't mean nothing, yeah
If I don't have you

Last night, tonight, three nights, four
How many more nights will I spend on the couch or the floor
I never got an indication that there might be something wrong
So I'd invite the invitation to make out and move on
So come on I say, I'm number one can't you see
You say You don't look that way to me, at your very best you're number three
And hell, I'd take four or five, if that would guarantee your company
Lying next to me

Cuz I don't have nothing, yeah
And I don't need nothing, yeah
Cuz it don't mean nothing, yeah
If I don't have you

Would it help to say I'm sorry
Would you believe me if I try
If I looked you in the face
Would you look me in the eye
If I kept all of my promises
Would you keep me up at night

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