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"Radiate" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Fleming
Album- The Way We Are

I've got this feeling that I can't contain
being with you
is like winning the publisher's clearing house sweepstakes
like a snow day and I get to sleep as late
as I want to you know
you turn me into goo

you radiate
warm fuzzy feelings

if everyone knew someone like you there wouldn't be any war
you glitter sparkle twinkle shimmer like a shining star
now I don't want to say anything mean
or hurt anybody's little heart again
next time I'll hold my breath and count to ten

I wanna radiate
warm fuzzy feelings
you radiate
warm fuzzy feelings

I radiate to you
you radiate to me
yeah we'll start a revolution
spread a warm fuzzy disease
you make me feel so good
I wanna wear dayglo
I'm feeling unicorns and rainbows
warm fuzzy feelings
warm fuzzy feelings
I've got a warm fuzzy feeling reeling deep down in my soul

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