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Get It Back
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"Get It Back" Lyrics
Artist - These 5 Down
Album- These 5 Down
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Get your groove on
If you can

Here's my story and in the end
I think you're gonna find yourself listening
Twenty blind years livin' down in a hole
feeling my life spinning out of control
Spun it down, came unwound
gave it all up when thruth came around
Lost and found, laid it down
on the upside I'm on the rebound

I wanna see you find a better life
Wanna see you in the big sky
Wanna see you in the next life
Wanna find you on the other side

There's only one way to get you there
Cuz life's too short and death's not fair
There's only one way to get you
Lay your life down, get it back again

I try and try to get it through to you
I try and try to get it through to you
I try and try to get it through to you
But it's all up to you

Remember this song
Remember it well
This is the only way you'll live to tell

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