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Jack And Jill
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"Jack And Jill" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Too Bad Eugene
Album- At Any Rate

Jack and Jill are breaking up again
Cause she don't like when he gets drunk with
his friends.
So here's my opportunity
To make Jill fall in love with me.
I'm gonna ask her out this Friday night.
I picked her up and walked her to my car
She asked me where we were going, I said not far.

I took her to the soda shop
We laughed and danced and talked a lot
And everything was working out just right.
I called her up to ask her out again
Her mom said that she's out tonight till ten.
It seems she and Jack talked it over
They worked it out alright and now you know
They're going out Friday night.
Jack and Jill are back together again a
And she's wearing his jacket and his pin
But they'll break up again, you'll see
And maybe then she'll fall for me
Until then I'm free every Friday
I'm so lonely every Friday
I'll be thinking about Jill on Friday nights

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