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"Q & A" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Too Bad Eugene
Album- At Any Rate

Would He, would He have spared us all if He'd been more kind
Most never find what they need
Plagued by free will they watch their spirits die
You call this design?
But does a man's confusion
Prove there's a contradiction? It may to that one
It's caused so much commotion
Cause no ones found a good solution, could there not be one?
Creation seems like God's game to keep himself amused
We tend to loose our patience
We think an explanation's overdue
But who would that soothe?
So in our irritation
We assume revelation has been given to none
And divine inspiration is gone out on a prolonged vacation
With faith from when we were young
We're here and we wait for love from anyone
But we can't see Him
Most of us, we just close our eyes
Cause we think he died in our learning
Could it be, He's been here all along
But our hearts were wrong to receive Him
Could it be He waits with open arms
Until we open ours and believe Him

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