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Casket Junkie
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"Casket Junkie" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Twelve Gauge Valentine
Album- Shock Value

Things just don't look good, they don't get any better I've done the worst I could, it doesn't get any better she's out of the grave and she's ready for anything buckle up your seatbelt for the ride of your life I'm into the ground and I'm running from everything just hold your breath for the crash to your death and I've seen these waters neck deep.. and we'll watch these fires burn out.. but we're only waisting time.. we've gotta stop this from happening when I see your face it's the opposite of grace bring it up to the castle wall.. build it.. break it.. when I see your face.. it's the opposite of grace thing's just don't look good, they don't get any better I've done the worst I could, it doesn't get any better you want to you watch me fall, I'm slipping faster now.. sit back, relax, and enjoy your show.. we're only waisting time.. can they find me.. will they find me.. if they find me... I'm gone.. and when the others find me.. I'll be the one with a broken jaw and I'll be the one with no lover at all oh yeah.. broke jaw.. oh yeah.. and when the others find me.. I won't be your dog.. I want be your dog no more.. and when the others find me I'll be the one who's g

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Shock Value by Twelve Gauge Valentine

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