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Face of the Prosecutor
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"Face of the Prosecutor" Lyrics
Artist - Veni Domine
Album- Fall Babylon Fall
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When The Storm Is Rising You'll Se Him Coming
Through The Night
Dressed In White With Golden Rain In His Hands
You'll Feel His Whisper Touch You Like Kisses From The Wind
You'll Know That Voice Heard So Many Times Before
Look Into My Eyes
I'm Eternity
Give Your Soul To Me
I'm The Future
He's Speaking Words Of Wisdom With Great Authority
You Can't Escape When He Invites You To His Table
Please Be Seated Don't Be Afraid I Will Show You All My Secrets
You Can't Stop Yourself From Tasting His Wine
Don't Fall Asleep When The Darkness Comes
Things Are Not Quite As They Seem To Be
Lost In The Chains Of Mortal Sin
You Try To Escape But You Cannot Break The Bonds
Just Like A Wheel Sinning Round And Round
He Will Return As A Prosecutor - So Beware
He Wants To Steal Your Soul
Kill And Destroy
He Knows His Time Is Short
Don't Look Into His Eyes
Long Ago He Was An Angel Once He Was The Keeper Of The Light
Blinded By The Power
He Wanted To Raise A Throne Above The Stars Of God
How He Fell From The Sky Son Of The Dawn He Who Once
Laid Low The Nations
Was Brought Down To The Grave
You Drank The Maddening Wine So Sweet But With A Bitter Taste
It Turned To Poison And Made You Lose Your Mind
But At The Blood Red Altar Of The Sacrificial Lamb
The Serpent Lost Possession Of Your Soul
Don't Fall Asleep When The Darkness Comes
He Never Leaves You. He's Always There
Look At His Eyes What's Behind The Mask
He's The Deceiver
Don't Fall Asleep When The Darkness Comes
He Never Leaves You. He's Always There
Look At His Eyes What's Behind The Mask
He's The Deceiver Condemned By The Woman's Seed
His Head Will Be Crushed
At The Cross These Words Came Alive For Us All
Fall, Fall From The Sky Son Of The Dawn

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