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Valley Road
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"Valley Road" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Chris Rodriguez
Album- Beggars Paradise

the moon is hanging by a thread as i stare from my kitchen
and she's holding out her hand to me
a lifeline, a chance to put things back together again
something feels right this time
a wind is moving through my soul here in this man's castle
and it's stirring up the dust and the leaves
just let it blow around, feel the breeze, hear the sound
something feels right this time
amen the seeds we've sown
along the valley road
are taking root at last
a house became a home
along the valley road
the storm has finally passed
all good things come flowing down
let it rain ; rain all around
let it rain ; rain all around our lives
my angel-girl smiles and for a while my fears are idle
and she brings a quiet peace to me
and then an arrow flies from my cherub boy's blue eyes
it hits my heart this time
the moon is back again - another day is at its end
and the walls are coming down - yeah
the only thing we need to build is love and love we will
something is right, something feels right
i know it's right this time

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