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O God Of Love
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"O God Of Love" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Jill Phillips
Album- Jill Phillips

O God of love O King of Peace
Make wars throughout the world to cease
The wrath of nations now restrain
Give peace O God, give peace again
Remember Lord Your works of old
The wonders that our parents told
Remember not our sin’s dark stain
Give peace O God, give peace again
I believe it will come
I believe it will come
I believe it will come
We walk by faith and not by sight
Through fertile fields or through the fire
Lead us to where Your mercy reigns
Give peace O God, give peace again
Whom shall we trust but You, O Lord
Where rest but on Your faithful word
None ever called on You in vain
Give peace O God
Give peace O God
Give peace O God, give peace again

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