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Celebrate You
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"Celebrate You" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Steven Curtis Chapman
Album- Signs Of Life

I'm no stranger to your gentle reminders
That the world does not revolve aroudn me
But no sooner have you spoken the words
Then your love comes once again to surround me
And every time I look in your eyes
I see the reflections of myself
But this time I want to look deeper
And see you and nobody else
So, tell me what you think, and tell me what you feel
I want to hear the thunder I'm so quick to steal
Listen to the dreams you're dreaming and celebrate you
Let me show you what a treasure you are
A preiceless gift from heaven to this thankful heart
I want to take this lifetime to celebrate you
I want to celebrate you
I have heard you say so many times
How you're sorry you're not everthing you should be
So let me tell you this one more time
There's no way you could be any more precious to me
But I know that lovely flowers and phrases
Are not what you need the most from me
You're longing for someone to listen
And that's what I want to learn how to be
I want to share you laughter
And I want to share your tears
We're gonna share this life together
And I'm gonna celebrate you
Celebrate you

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