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"Unchangeable" Lyrics
Artist - Lynn Baird
Album- Shout To The Lord
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You said You'd never leave
You said You'd never forsake me
Time after time I see every little thing You do
And all You say turns out to be for real
And all Your promises come true
Now I have all the things I need to live for You
A faith that's unshakeable
A heart that's unbreakable
Your truth rhat has set me free
A love that's unchangeable
A life that's available if I would've just believed
That's what You gave to me
With every passing day
You prove You've stayed the same
It's taken some time to see that I am the one who's changed
Now I will never be the same since You've made me see
You shower me with every good thing that I can be
From the moment that I first believed
I was free, and now
You have given to me every good thing
Written by Alisa Childers �2005 Birdwing Music / Aungee Music (ASCAP) / Admin. by EMI CMG Publishing

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