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Celebrate His Power
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"Celebrate His Power" Lyrics
Christian Artist - New Direction
Album- Unknown

All of God's children
We have gathered in this place
To entertain the spirit of the Lord
Heaven is waiting and the angels are here
So let us get our minds in one accord
Jehovah Jeirah our provider's ready to provide
Everything you want and need
Our Lord he will supply
Let us make a joyful noise
And lift up holy hands
We've come into his presence
Now let's make a holy stand
If you want a blessing that you just cannot contain
Celebrate his power through the glory of his name
I'm hungry and I'm thirsty
And I'm coming as a child
My heart is open to your perfect will
I lay all my burdens and my cares at your feet
I walk in victory because you're real
We have a right to lift our voice and praise the King
Let the children of the Lord
Make the heavens ring

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