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China White
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"China White" Lyrics
Artist - Barnabas
Album- Little Foxes
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She's a double-cross
Demon powder queen
Bitch in the gutter
Master of kings
She's a too-cool torture
Top of the line
Dangerous lover; White Cadillac
She'll suck you dry and skin you alive tonight

She'll rip you up
This is one tough whore
She can eat out your eyes, boys
Keep you coming for more
She's a too-cool torture
Her wish is your command
In over your heads, boys; you're playing with fire
She's licking your soul from her hands tonight

So straighten up
Turn toward the Son
He's your only salvation
The only true One
Don't be a too-cool loser
Just to run with the herd
The ride isn't worth it; stop playing with fire
Stop lighting the fuse on your world tonight

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