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Chain The Fallen One   (Tortured Conscience)
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"Chain The Fallen One (Tortured Conscience)" Lyrics
Artist - Tortured Conscience
Album- Sounds Of The Dead Records
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Shrouded by the blackness inside
Spiritual suicide
Into sin we are born
Filthy robes we adorn

To the fire we crawl
Forever we do fall
We don't think we need God
Liars call Him a mythic fraud

The Advisory lies
Break these, our Hell-bound ties
Complacency, our major sin
In this world we have to live in

Chain the fallen angel
Untie the weed's tangle
Turn to the Lord
Run from the horde

Kill the Devil inside
Break the chains and deny
Let him burn and forever rot
Let him die in battles you fought

When Judgment Day is here
Let your conscience be clear
Let the world hear and see
That by Christ's blood, we are set free

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