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Quiet Waters
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"Quiet Waters" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Starfield
Album- Starfield

You have led me to the
banks of quiet waters
I can still remember how
We'd walk and talk for hours
You would lead me
past the outer courts
Into your secret place
Through the valley of the shadow
Along the straight and narrow road

But along the way somewhere
I lost sight of the promise
What used to be a childlike faith
became a white-washed tomb
As I let my gaze fall on this
fallen world around me
The injustice of it all
won't let me let it go

And I don't know why
But still my hope is in you
all this may never make sense
But my eyes, my eyes are on you

And laying down my crown
And falling to my knees
I'm giving up the facade
that is becoming me

I've offered empty praise
And overused cliche's
For too long I've grown so tired of this game
I am so thirsty for more

I can't be satisfied
to sit along the rivers banks and wait
Somewhere inside of me
there's a hunger for what lies beneath the surface
I've spent so long just getting by
on borrowed faith and dead religion
I've come this far to only realize
I've not come far at all

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