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Painted A Picture
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"Painted A Picture" Lyrics
Artist - Between Thieves
Album- Water
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Painted a picture of an angel
She looked a lot like you
Flowing gown and wings of lace
Whispers of crimson all around her face
And she sang beautiful songs
With a voice so peaceful
She made the stars shine brighter
As she danced on celestial clouds
With her heart turned towards heaven

I held an angel
I heard an angel sing
I felt her passion
And all the joy she brings
I fell in love with you

When she cried, the tears rolled down
And purified my soul of all the shame
And she laughed at almost everything
She found so much pleasure in the simplest things


Of each and every prayer God has answered
The one that mattered most came true
He painted a picture of an angel
That angel was you


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