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"Carousel" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Reality Check
Album- Reality Check

in this world of make believe
my eyes see what I want to see
I'm blinded with the simple lies
so easily I justify
the sin that comes so naturally
is this all that I'll ever be?
bring this madness to an end
don't let this cycle start again

it's got me spinning 'round
and I can hardly tell
which way is up or down
on my sin carousel
it's got me out of control
and I want to jump off
somebody stop this ride
I think I've had enough

spinning 'round up and down
but I know it's alright
move ahead falling back
try to leave it behind
seems I've been here before
so familiar I can tell
need your help to get off
of my sin carousel

it's suffice to say I move
because of your great fortitude
so unstable are my feet
they love to make a fool of me
afraid to fall I feel corrupt
and as I drop you pick me up
take me where I've never been
don't let this cycle start again

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