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"Painkiller" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Mortal
Album- Lusis

2 Corinthians 12: 9,10
Picture a man: hollow, wasted, alone in pain
Picture a room: six walls, cold, 'home'
See: a man fighting to find his knees, prayer was a last resort
Can you see: a God: working despite the frailty and feebleness of
humanity? Praise God!!

all my heroes dead
golden heroes lead
ancient pages
well read
music playing in my head

shattered windows
closed shut
lines cut
earth quaking under my bed
heroes in my mind dead

taking a fall
head in my hands
my back to the wall
thrown to the ground
pulling me down
to nothing at all

Pain..take it away

courting the knife
threatens my life
leaving me cold
strikes me at home
cuts to the bone
sanity sold

sends me reeling
tears at my being
kicking and screaming

comes when i'm kneeling
poised to reveal
our flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing!

Praise God!
He has taken away my pain
Praise God!

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