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Radio Man
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"Radio Man" Lyrics
Artist - Fighter
Album- The Waiting
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Lull me with your sweet words, tell me everything is fine / Won't you be my friend, 'cause friends are hard to find / Wrap me up your happy world, please don't let me go / I need your voice to heal me, no one really knows

Radio man I'm countin' on every word you say / Puton the music I like to hear you play / Radio man I really hate to hear you go / I'll be listening tomorrow, I thought I'd let you know

Sure is lonely these days, the pain grows deep inside / Emptiness is a bitter seed I try so hard to find / Don't know what I'd do without You / You're the only one who hears / You're the only one who listens, listen through my tears


What happens when radio man fades into the night / What happens when radio man can't give you what you need / Who will make things better then, who will come to aid? / Radio man is just a man, there's only One who can save / Radio man I leaned on every word you said / I lived for the music, when I needed love instead / Radio man I really hate to see you go / I'm lookin' for some answers, I wonder if you'd know...

Psalms 146:3

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