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Captivation in Perpetuity
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"Captivation in Perpetuity" Lyrics
Artist - Melisend
Album- Demo 2005
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The promises he made were so real
Everything I wanted he gave to me
His word was truth, he wanted the best for me
He fullfilled my life with his love
So I walked through the black gate
Giving birth to a new life full of all I ever wanted
I sold my soul to him on that very moment
And freedom came to my mind

Nothing is forbidden, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law

But why do I feel so trapped in lies right now?
Or is this world so dark I can't see light anymore?
Leave, I just want to die
Leave me I don't want to see your light again

I followed his lies and my heart became colder
Now I am imprisoned in a never ending black infinity
trapped between perpetual patterns forever
My spirit wants to break out but there's no egress

In my soul darkness solely whispers with an icecold breeze...

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