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Pain and Blood
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"Pain and Blood" Lyrics
Artist - Melisend
Album- Demo 2005
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It won't matter what I do
I keep dreaming about you
Is this a sadistic scourge?
Dashed amidst, mould in a forge

No matter the thoughts I kill
You are there, you are there still
I wish I could cast you out
Every night I cry out loud

Pain and blood dripping from me
My clothes reeking, let it flee
afoot on the plane of life
For each step I have to strife

I wish I could fly away
From this feeling of dismay
Can one travel back in time?
If so, I will make it mine
Gone am I, walking astray
Taken from life, by betray
I no longer really feel
My life now is so unreal...

Please help me, forces of light
Stop this process where I blight
Help me, save me from this death
Save me, please spare me from Seth

As a warrior I fight
Try to find the path of light
The spiritual pathway
Where all the answers shall lay

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