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Uncle Fred Won the Lottery
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"Uncle Fred Won the Lottery" Lyrics
Artist - Skankin Buvas
Album- Remember Us?
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Dear Uncle Fred,
You said if God could prove He was real
You'd gladly buy into this deal,
but it seems you don't need him anymore.
'Cause you played your lucky #, never took a day off;
it was a Wednesday when it finally paid off.
And you remember that day so well.
You celebrated with your friends at Taco Bell.
Uncle Fred Won the lottery! Uncle Fred won the lottery, it's true! I tipe my hat to you.

Still I can't help feeling sorry for you,
though you won 6 million buck it's true.
You got money and nothing at all.

I know you feel just as empty as before,
though you have more Bud and Tommy Hilfiger shorts.
And don't you look snazzy in your new Porsche.
It's said you live a life of luxury, so why do you beat your dog 3 times a week?
I see the camel's still having trouble getting through
the needle's eye to come and talk to you,
but you're not interested anyway.
I guess you'll need a bit more of a sign.
How 'bout if the money had fallen from the sky?
What will it take for man's stubborn pride to break?

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