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"Fair" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Holy Blood
Album- Waves Are Dancing

Beautiful fairy, beautiful life
There is a choice, to choose your path
Beautiful fairy, beautiful life
The most important thing is not to lose.

I had chosen a more calmful way
I liked the sense of it at the most
Although it was not so colorful outwardly
But eternal horrors will pass me from behind.
I gave the most of myself
mainly for that way of life on this earth
And I had gained a part of heaven in eternity
Peace, happiness, joy on this earth.

Fairy of life, come, choose
As soon as you are born
The way to eternity has a reward of life
Fairy of life, come, choose
As soon as you are born
Choose the way to eternity
A reward of eternal life awaits.

Horrors and tortures are waiting at the end of ways
To those, who are brighter and nicer at the first thought
Beautiful by view, dangerous inside
And full of poison and dead bones
Stench and tortures are their essence forever
That’s what they include in themselves

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