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A bleak wail
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"A bleak wail" Lyrics
Artist - Bleakwail
Album- Songs of Sorrow
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My vision of the existance
all blurred by a gray cloud
a slave I am of my misery;
a thrall of my funereal bounds

Is this the end of my wandering?
am I to depart these realms?
please Lord, enlighten my spirit
and make my wailing cease

Mourning stays upon my lips
from dawn to the very night
depart from me, you lucky fools,
I cannot stand your sight

yet; myself I am only to blame
casting surrounding friends away
again teach me to enjoy my life
physician almighty, hear my wail

The Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away
exalted be the Lord's name
(Job 1:21)

In the darkest chains of wretchedness
life still continues on
I walk onward day by day
forth better tomorrow ahead

and eternal life and glory waits
for those who walk in faith
at hard times he will carry me
when my own efforts are in vain

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