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Generation X
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"Generation X" Lyrics
Artist - Teramaze
Album- Doxology
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The world gets run by political thugs who think they know it all
The stuff around with nuclear too powerful for us all
They fill the air with chemicals to keep our families fed
We were born innocent but we were born GENERATION X

What's the future hold for the people of tommorow?
Do we keep dreaming thinking that its going to be OK?
What's the future bringing, is it just more sorrow?
We've got to to do something before it's to late..
Our house gets run by T.V., hope our brains don't rot,
They fill our shops with cigarettes,
And hope the we don't choke
They live thier lives their time is up
They don't care what they do
We were born innocent but we were born GENERATION X

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