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"Dance" Lyrics
Artist - Rob Rock
Album- Impellitteri - Grin and Bear it
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When the sun comes up and the moon goes down,
That's when I feel the beat
When the music's loud and I hear the crowd,
It knocks me off my feet
Now that summertime's here
and the school day's gone
Everybody's getting crazy
Got myself on the run, gonna have me some fun
Everybody grab their baby

I'm running hot, I just can't stop
and I feel insane
I'm burning up, gonna strut my stuff,
everybody hit the stage, c'mon!

Dance, in the streets of L.A.,
we're on permanent vacation
Dance, in the streets all day,
c'mon, join the celebration
Dance, in the heat of the rays,
take a permanent vacation
Dance, in the streets all day,
c'mon, join the celebration

Got no summertime blues and you just can't lose,
The sun is screamin' hot
So get out of the house we're gonna kick and shout,
Let's take it to the top
ò€˜Cause when you're feeling free
and you know what I mean,
Don't wanna take it easy
ò€˜Cause the day's so bright and I feel alive,
just let me hear you screamin'




chorus out

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