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Dance Stop
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"Dance Stop" Lyrics
Artist - Daniel Amos
Album- Vox Humana
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'Dance Stop' instructions: You may dance any dance that you desire, but in the course of the song when the word STOP! is shouted and the music stops you must FREEZE in whatever position you are in at that moment. In the song you will then hear the crowd voices escalating. Resume dancing again when you hear the word DANCE shouted and the music resumes. Have fun!!!


1: Well, tell me please how love can be
With a kick / snare giving you a fantasy
(Ain't no future far as I can see)

If I could dance, I might agree
I said

2: Dance....stop
I can't stop, dance stop, can't stop, dance stop

3: Can't stop baby (DANCE STOP)
Don't mean maybe (DANCE STOP)
Can't stop baby (DANCE STOP)
Don't mean maybe
Contortionists are caught up in the cameras eye
The music explodes and the bodies fly
They're rating it a ten before they drop and die
IT HAD A GOOD BEAT! was their very last cry

Repeat 2


Rock n' rollin' feels better then bowling
Bowling' feels better when the ball is rollin'
Bombs explodin' get the blood to flowin'
So bowl me over cos' my fear is growing'

Repeat 1, 2, 3 and 2

(mmmmmmmmm DANCE!!!) 3


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