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Finish Him
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"Finish Him" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Hillsong
Album- Hope

We are on our journey home to see God sitting on the white throne. And some day we'll see his face so we run to that holy place. We love our God Jesus Christ our King. In Heaven we will sing. I hate the devil I love the Lord read the bible it's the sword. Refr.: Finish him! We hate the sin! Finish him! Now we will win! Finish him! We're clothed in white! Finish him! We are the Bride! We know the darkness will rise you know the hell will be their price. The evil Satan is their King but for Jesus Christ we will sing. To kill the evil that's my aim and fight for Jesus that's no game. Against the evil, but they will grow. Jesus is here to let them blow. Cause Jesus is Messiah. We live for Christ to get higher and higher. I know the earth will fade away. The holy spirit shows the way. Come and see I know it's hard, you have to be very smart. Against the demons. They will die. Against the devil. I hear him cry What do you think Jesus will say? When you stand in front of his throne. Now it is Time to give him your life. And say Good-bye to the sin.

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