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Ecclesiastic Answer
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"Ecclesiastic Answer" Lyrics
Artist - F.O.G
Album- Visibility Clearing
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Sometimes it seems so little meaning

Decisions never made by me

Living in a town called hard place

Just south of rock, not sure I'm free

Fallen in a crevice

Tween yesterday and tomorrow

A place most in this world has known

Toss tween my joy and my sorrow


Something out there must have meaning

Someones there for me

Cuz right now if you cut me

I'm not sure I'll bleed

Given all I've ever needed

Never seems enough

Can someone please explain it

That even though we have it all

It still seems so rough


Living with two people

Only known by me

Prisoner and jailer

Seeing no reprieve

Looking to the judge for a verdict

Gladly takes me to the tree

Realizing all is bought and paid for

And that I'm finally free

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