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My name is man
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"My name is man" Lyrics
Artist - Lordian Guard
Album- Lordian Guard
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My name is man, from dust I stand,
A newborn song, a story.
Upon this land, almighty hands,
Hath filled my eyes with glory.
The life I breathe, a force unseen,
Reveals all that I am,
My name is man, my name is man, my name is Man.
Behold the crystal rivers feed the oceans.
Celestial sphere of solar fire drinketh from the sea,
And the fountains in the sky pour life on every seed.
Behold the womb of earth brings forth the mountains.
The canyon walls, so grand they stand, before the valley floor.
And the face of land and sea, they meet on seven shores.
We are earth, we are heaven.
We are flesh we are blood.
We inherit Thy kingdom,
We are all, we are one.

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