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Choked Up
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"Choked Up" Lyrics
Artist - Glenn Kaiser Band
Album- Winter Sun
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(Aww, let’s make a deal baby . . .)
They had truth by the wallet
in a Nashville heat
Sharkskin suit wit’ the tired feet

Couldn’t reconcile value
with the bottom line
In a white throne moment—ran outta time

Song an’ dance man in a cheap burlesque
Pump it up loud so the firm’ll invest
Gotcha thinkin’ and droolin’,
gonna make a run
at some midnight condos on the
face of the sun

Things goin’ haywire
I can’t keep my mind shut
As the business simmers
I get all choked up
All choked up
(Aww, you know
it’s hurtin’ me darlin’. . .)

Bull market’s open for pork belly boys
Fallen golden arches and Internet toys
Pretty weed garden
where snakeskins lay
Saw whips in the temple
Saw the merchants pay

Things lookin’ haywire
I can’t keep my mind shut
As the intrigue simmers
I get all choked up
All choked up
( Aww, this touches my greasy heart . . . )

Gimmie your wallet! Let’s make a deal!
Hey man, what’s in it for ME, man?!
Just sign right here, and here, and here . . .
(Aww, you worry me baby . . .)

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