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"Campbelltown" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Ghoti Hook
Album- Two Years to Never

I haven’t seen you for so long
remembering those years we lived
and it was always easy
we never gave it that much thought
then you noticed my own fears
then it was over now I see you here
well some things don’t last forever
I won’t pretend how hard was
it to leave your closest friend
you grew up way too fast
and I never did
what have we learned
through all the years since then
I felt that all it took was trust
another victim of ideals no more inside
but you could see this
you never hid me from your thoughts
I made believe to hear
held the blame I know I let you go
but life will not wait up
still I’m left here thinking I have learned enough
can I set down the past
ignore what did not last will you
I haven’t seen you for so long
remembering those years we lived
and it was always easy
I’m tired of always looking back
I’ve given you my years
my life goes on so it’s goodbye my dear

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