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Paint This Place
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"Paint This Place" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Clash Of Symbols
Album- Sunday is an Altogether Different Proposition

Words and Music by Mike Stand and Robert Goraieb

Life was so simple
Colorless and pale
Shadow's tint of somber rain filled my room
Then slowly slipped away

Look into my heart
Emptiness prevails
Can the light of heaven's face
Illuminate the sounds
That echo through my world?

Even after all
Paint this place
Paint this place with love
Accentuate, watch now as the colors fall
Paint this place

Eliminate resistance
Slowly turn my head
Through the cracks a radiance
Calmly filters in, where once
The blindness hid

Look beyond perdidtion
where broken arrows fall
Arched across the sky
a solitary vision
Rainbow gently flows

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Sunday Is An Alltogether Different Proposition by Clash Of Symbols

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