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Rain Dance
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"Rain Dance" Lyrics
Artist - Rez
Album- Silence Screams
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Talkin' to myself
Idea and images covered with dust
Memories well-worn from contant use
Stained by loneliness and lust
Heaping on my heart abuse
Somebody tell me
What's the use?

Wet-walking in streaming rain
Hair stuck to my head like my thoughts
Regents half-felt and sin half-loved
What I have bought?
Drops coming down on my face
And on the roottops
But they don't reach inside me
I say faith is just for fools
Somebody tell me
What's the use?

Love cold and wet
Against my skin
Where do you end
How do you begin
I'm so lost in a world without Your breath
Needing Your fire
Fearing Your flame
Should I surrender
Waiting for the rain
Streaming rain
Come rain
Lord send Your rain, rain, rain rain rain

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