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Child Of The Blues
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"Child Of The Blues" Lyrics
Artist - Rez
Album- Innocent Blood
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I grew up in a welfare state
Where the winters were cold
And the checks came late
With hand-medown clothes
And a hole in my heart
It seemed nothin' could fill
A child of the blues

Mamma was lonely
She left us at night
She said You be good!
An' locked door tight
But I couldn't sleep
For wonderin' if she would return
'Cause sometimes you lose

Mama was cryin'
When the sheriff came in
Like bein' on welfare
Is some kinda sin
All of your things
Tossed out in the street wish I knew what to do
But it ain't no use

They said that we're lazy
Ingorant poor
We get there too late
They locked up the door
The shelter is warm
But it sure ain't no home
Is this payin' your dues?
Child of the blues

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