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"U U U U" Lyrics
Artist - The Seventy Sevens
Album- Echos O Faith (Played Naked)
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(Mike Roe)

i feel lonely, isolated
cut off from you
i feel uptight & frustrated
what else is new
i'd feel a whole lot better
if i could only talk to you

i'd give anything to hear you
calling out my name
telling me that you love me
and you feel the same
come crash my guilty party
i'm the one to blame

I need U U U U
I need U U U U
I need U U U U
I need U U U U
i need all of you
and every little thing you do

save me save me save me
from randomnity
save me save me
from my self-sufficiency
but most of all please save me
from my selfish greed

i'm gonna wake up every morning
fall down on my knees
praying to the lord above
to keep you in my squeeze
this world is cold
and if you leave
i'm gonna freeze

I need U U U U
I need U U U U
I need U U U U
I need U U U U
i need all of you
and every little thing you do

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