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"Jealous" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Donnie McClurkin
Album- Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Come to me
Come to me
I have been waiting
The sun will be rising
Come to me
Come to me
I have a ring for your finger
Don't let the past come between us
Don't you run to the arms of another
They won't love you like I can love you
Don't you know I am a jealous God
I am a jealous God
So, come to me
Come to me
When you're not sure how you feel
When the idols start calling
And to their arms you're falling
Don't you run to the arms of another
I will hold you I am able
To lead you beside the still and living waters
I've set a feast upon the table
Oh, I am a jealous Lover
No one can love you like I love you
So come to me
Come to Me
Come to Me
Where are you, My beloved?
My beloved, where are you?
When You came looking for me
I thought it was over
I thought we were history
And all I could think about
Was how I let You down
Oh, how I'd let You down
My heart has played the harlot
And wandered far from home
Like a ship without an anchor
Drifting on it's own
And You came calling
Always calling
And down to the altar I go
All alone, together
And now on this altar I fall
Abandoned, surrendered, yielded
I am Yours!
I am Yours!!
All to Jesus I surrender
All to You I will freely Give
Abandoned, surrendered, yielded
And down to the altar I go
All alone, together
And now on this altar I fall
Abandoned, surrendered, yielded
I am Yours
Music - Phil Joel / Lyrics - Phil Joel, Dale Evrist
Song Description:
"Hmmm, where do I start? This was the first song we began recording but the last to be finished. It took a long time because I wasn't sure how to get it out and recorded the right way. I wanted it to feel like an epic with a sense of journey but not in an orchestral perfectly mapped out way. It needed to be broken, and a bit messy, but with beauty and simplicity. It's my story and hopefully it's yours too. It's the tale of the prodigal son retold through our own lives. It's the story of a Father wanting His kids back. It's a story with an innocent beginning where tragedy breaks in and destroys the scene. It's how the Father went to great lengths to see His family reunited and back in communion.
If there's one song I want people to hear it's this one." - Phil Joel

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