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You Need A Savior
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"You Need A Savior" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Words:Deborah D. Smith
Music: Michael W. Smith
Made a friend last night, or you thought you did
Had a drink, had a talk, took a drive
Shared the night, gave up a part of your soul
Now she's gone and you're a little less alive.
Shake it off, never let your feelings begin
But your defenses are down and the fear is closing in.
Yes, you really need a Saviour
Somehow you've known it all along
Yes, you really need a Saviour
You know you've heard it for so long
Yes, You really need a Saviour
Someone to come and lead you on
You need a Saviour
You need a Saviour
It's time
Told yourself today just for your own sake
What was lost wouldn't cost anyway
Life's a one night stand, this time you'll win
The up and down, life-long game that you play.
Shake it off, never let your feelings begin
But your defenses are down and the fear is closing in.

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