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Love In The Light
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"Love In The Light" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Words: Deborah D. Smith
Music: Michael W. Smith
Darkness thick and heavy,
Black and steady screaming darkness
Anyone who hates his brother,
Who plans evil for another
Walks in darkness
Sonlight, warm and shining,
Purifying, welcome Sonlight
Everyone who loves completely
With a heart that opens freely
Walks in Sonlight
Let us love in the light
For love is from God
If we love what is right
We show whose we are
In a world of the dying
We're living our parts
If we love in the light
With all of our hearts
Blindness, terrifying, left for dying, spirit blindness
Anyone who thirsts for evil plots
His very own upheaval
Lost in blindness
New sight, truth unending, faith unbending, new sight
Everyone who seeks the father leaves the world
And all its bother
Sees with new sight

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