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End Of The Book
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"End Of The Book" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Words & Music: Mike Hudson and Michael W. Smith
On the day
You were saved
Heaven and hell marked you down
Angels praise
Devils raged
Life became a battleground
So when hell starts to move
And the enemy marches on you
Hang on, it's a fight
You've been marked by the army of night
You're a target
When your heart
Loved the dark
Hell could just leave you alone
With your life
Filled with light
You have become quite a foe
So when hell starts to move
And the enemy marches on you
Hang on, it's a fight
It's a battle of darkness and light
When things get bad and you can't stand to look
It's time to read to the end of the book
Don't put it down 'til you get to the end
When Jesus come and His Kingdom begins
'Til He comes
God the Son
Teaches us to use the sword
And every fight
Has a light
When you know we win the war
So when hell starts to move
And the enemy marches on you
Hang on, it's a fight
You're a part of the army of light

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