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Always Be My Home
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"Always Be My Home" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Words & Music by Chris Eaton
Your heart will always be my home
No matter where I go
No matter what may come
You'll be my shelter in the storm
A harbor safe and sound
Where only true forgiveness can be found
But still... I wanna run away
And go it all alone
When will I ever learn from my mistakes?
I can't live without Your love
Cause Your eyes have seen beyond the things I'm guilty of
I won't be afraid to turn back down the road
Cause Your heart will always be my home
And when I've cried a thousand tears
You've always wiped them dry
And watched me as I spread my wings and fly
To a place where holiness begins
And mercy never ends
And I will find my freedom once again
But still...I wanna run away
And go it all alone
When will I learn from my mistakes?
Repeat Chorus
Your hands are always open
To catch me when I fall
I feel a million miles away
But that's no distance at all
But still...I wanna run away
And go it all alone
When will I learn from my mistakes?
Repeat Chorus
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