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"War" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Stormy nights have passed away still I feel the hand of the enemy
And he's trying to get me down but I won't be bound the sins of this world is ponderin me
And he's been on my track yes I know this is a fact and please do believe that I'm ready to get back
And I know you felt the same way too anad I know you're tired of going through so let's go to war
Are you ready? Lets go we gotta get ready to tear his kingdom down
Lets be a threat lets just step down we can do anything through Christ that strengthens us
Lets go don't fuss (so lets fight) S lets fight the prince of the air cause Lord knows he don't belong here
It's not much that we can bear
The war is on; the war is on- The devil is a liar so lets rebuke him
The war is on; the war is on- He's been having us down too long
The war is on; the war is on- I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me
The war is on; the war is on- The Lord is my shepard, I will not fear
Through his grace we have lived and with His word in our hearts we are soliders
And if you never knew, know that I told ya and by His stripes we are healed
So lets fight the enemy and close the deal no matter how you feel
It's time for the truth to be revealed
God has given us the shield of faith and a plate of righteousness
(Same as top)
That's It!!

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