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I Will Say
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"I Will Say" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

[Verse 1]
The hills are steep and rough is the road
Nothing to fear as long as I know
I'm not alone, Lord, You're here with me
I'm in Your care yes this I believe
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
To encourage my soul
I will say
In Him will I trust
And I will say
You are God and You will never change
And I will say
You're more than enough
[Channel 1]
To hurt or to heal
To break or to mend
Power is all inside
And since You gave the power to me, yeah
That's what I'll say, yeah
[Verse 2]
And when my walls come tumbling down
Shadows of death just hanging around
I will not fear 'cause You're here with me, yeah
I'm in Your care yes this I believe
[Channel 2]
To fall or to fly
To stand or to hide
You know the choice is mine
So by the power given to me
I'm gonna say
My fountain of joy
My river of life
My maker and my redeemer
My rest and my peace
My rock and my truth
And all of these things I will say
[Chorus B]
To encourage my soul
And I will say
In You will I trust
I will say
You are God and You will never change
And I will say
You're more than enough
I will say, I will say, I will say
Speak life into my soul
I'll speak life

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